Culture & Activities

Live the culture

In this stretch of pure sand and seawater, there is much to enjoy and revel in. Wherever your whims may lead, you are bound to find something that nourishes your soul at Fade Hotel Ras Sudr. The native laid-back culture and the plethora of available activities beckon you to experience Ras Sudr in new and exhilarating ways.

A beach stroll down our 1,200 meter-long shore will connect you with nature as the calm blue sea and the white sands infuse you with grace. You can wrap up your day at the beach with a great book from our humble library.

Soul Kitesurfing Center awaits you in what is renowned as one of Sinai’s most picturesque locations and favored wind spots. Beginner or expert, the Soul kitesurfing experience promises you delight, and it will be one you will definitely want to repeat.

Beach yoga is the yearning of every true yogi. Sun salutations during dawn and dusk, candle-lit meditation by the beach at night and guided sessions by yoga gurus are staple and yearlong activities at Fade Hotel Ras Sudr.

Stargazing is yet another way to soak up the full Fade Hotel Ras Sudr experience. Whether you’re on the beach or enjoying some tea in our scenic tent, finding constellations and making wishes upon shooting stars make for unforgettable evenings that you will truly cherish for life.

Ras Sudr by nature is abundant with activities that appease every taste. Oyun Musa; one of Egypt’s most illustrious hot springs is only a stone’s throw away from Fade Hotel Ras Sudr. Lively Bedouin tents with aromatic shishas and traditional tea await you. Kayaking, canoeing, fishing and dune walking are only some of the immersive experiences you should not miss out on.